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Published January 3, 2015

We really enjoy kicking off our year at OwlCon. It’s such a tight knit, friendly community. We have made lots of friends there over the years and of course had a great time at our third OwlCon.

A friend let us in on a really awesome Kickstarter from Make Believe Games for I AM ZOMBIE. We quickly threw our support behind Mark “The Dot” Rein•Hagen. We also ended up offering feedback during the final process and both the store and the owner have been listed in the credits.

April brought us on the road for the first time to AggieCon. We really enjoyed our first road trip show and were happy to make a lot of friends and pleasantly surprised to see quite a few familiar faces, too.

In May we did our third Comicpalooza and every year the show gets better and better. We had a great time (despite not feeling that great) and we know everyone else did, too.

We actually wrapped the convention season up early this year with ApolloCon in June. It was a lot of fun, but Mrs. GeekLife had to sit out the rest of the convention season because, evidently knitting another human at the molecular level is a tad exhausting (and also the reason she didn’t feel all that great at AggieCon).

A few months after the arrival of Baby GeekLife, plans were set in motion to start actively pursuing the storefront location. 2014 ended with a lot of promising leads and no small amount of excitement to see what 2015 would bring.

Thanks for being there with us and for us along the way. Without you, we wouldn’t be here.

Here’s to another great year!