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Published June 25, 2017

Join GeekLife on July 28 as we celebrate the address that has become a home to a wide array of geeks. Featuring games, food and fun we’re also pleased to announce our first ever art show.

We know our community includes some amazing artists and this is your time to shine! Details on the call for art are listed below the jump.

The party is on July 28, but the fun lasts all weekend with sales and giveaways.

Check back often as we add more details or keep up on our Facebook event page.


GeekLife is pleased to announce our first art show! We know our community includes some amazing artists and this is your time to shine!




As we celebrate our first Seven Twenty Eight Day, honoring the address that has become a home over the past two years to a wonderful array of geeks of all stripes, we have our eyes on ever improving. We are Thinking Higher Things. What can we do to be a better destination, be better people, contribute to making the world a better place?


The theme is a nod to a SciFi franchise, but also is left intentionally broad. What do you envision as a better future for your favorite fandom, story, character, or world (fictional or real)?  We welcome any interpretation of what this means to you, the artist.


Accepted submissions will be featured in an art opening as part of the festivities on

Friday July 28th from 6:00pm to 11pm.



Due to space limitations, this call is limited to 2D art, but NOT limited to visual artists.

Performing, written and musical artists are equally encouraged to submit, please see below for details.


To apply, send the following via email :

Your Name as you want it to appear in the show

Your Email

Your Phone Number

Link to work that is representative of what you would like to submit. This could be your website, a Deviant Art account, SoundCloud, Instagram, or you may attach photos (no fewer than 3) to the email for consideration.



Once approved, you may submit up to 3 pieces.

Work must:

A) be no larger than 11″x17″

B) not framed

C) Fit the show’s theme

D) Be for sale (we will not be showcasing any NFS artwork)


***NOTE: Labels for these pieces will be created by us and include your name, title of piece, and the price of the piece.



All submitted work must fit the show’s theme.

Accepted artists will be included in a live showcase of readings and performances.

Strict time limit of 10 minutes will be allotted per piece accepted.

Artists may submit more than one piece.

We will have a PA and a microphone.

ALL additional equipment must be provided by the artist, please reach out if you have any questions and we will do our best to help.



You may submit pieces for our consignment area. Anything you would like to submit for the consignment area MUST be retail ready and turned in on the same day you drop off your gallery piece(s). The consignment split for this area is 60/40 with you keeping 60% of retail.



We will NOT be showing any work that doesn’t fit the above guidelines. This includes work that is TOO LARGE, not on theme, work that is not turned in on time, and work that is not consistent with the quality of work that you submitted during the application process. This is to ensure a quality event for everyone involved.



Deadline to submit your work is SUNDAY JULY 21st. Commission on gallery pieces will be 40% (60/40 split).



We will feature the art in-store for one week, money and/or unsold artwork will be available to pick up starting Tuesday August 1st. We encourage you to pick up work as soon as possible due to space constraints.

Contact us at this email if you have any questions.

Please feel free to share this call to anyone in your network.


Thank you for participating and we look forward to celebrating your art!