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Published February 20, 2014

OwlCon starts tomorrow, Friday February 21, at 6pm and runs through Sunday February 23. Come play and while you’re here, stop by and see us, we miss your faces!

This convention is centrally located at Rice University, and very easy to get to from any part of town. It’s supposed to be a gorgeous weekend, but don’t think you’ll have to stay cooped up inside! Rice has loads of green-space to stretch your legs and enjoy the sunshine while you rest between games, crack open your new treasures or enjoy some tasty vittles while getting to know new friends.

Next up on the GeekLife calendar:

AggieCon April 4-6, 2014

T.A.B.L.E. March 29 & 30, 2014 -Playtesting I Am Zombie/running other games

Comicpalooza May 23-26, 2014

ApolloCon June 27-29, 2014