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Published September 27, 2016

“If you’re female and a geek in Houston, we have got some really excellent spots where you can express your love for all things nerdy in a welcoming environment. Since finding those spots can be a chore sometime, here’s a handy list.”






We were brought to the attention of an online discussion about “the best places in the city for a woman to geek out and feel safe? Anything from placed with pretty cool trivia nights, comic shops, bars with a geek-centric interests, conventions with good policies, etc.”

Here is the full response.

As the owner of GeekLife in The Heights, I’m obviously biased. But our priorities are to make everyone feel welcome.

We have regular events for Space City Lady Planeswalkers, a Magic: The Gathering group, and we’re also listed on Planeswalkers for Diversity.

Houston LGBT Game Night have held meet ups at the store as well.

Our Wednesday D&D nights are the most diverse by all measures that I’ve ever seen and our other RPG events are equally well attended by a good mix of people.

I’ve also had many compliments on the diversity of our comic offerings.

I’ve only been a vendor at Comicpalooza, but I agree they are a great convention. They added a mom’s/nursing area without fuss two years ago at my request. It’s since evolved into a better, more formal area.”

Side note, We’re also listed on HaterFreeWednesdays.

Shout out to our entire community for being so awesome!