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Published July 14, 2016


LIMITED SPOTS: Preregister today! Our Midnight Prerelease WILL sell out.

All spots $25.99+tax

Midnight Prerelease and PreParty: Starting at 10:30pm on Friday, July 15th we’ll start counting down to the Midnight Prerelease tournament with games, activities, door prizes and snacks! Try your hand at Shadows Over Innistrad Trivia, challenge your friends to a pack war, and more.

We’ll continue the excitement with a 2 -Headed Giant tournament on Saturday at 2pm. This team format is great for anyone who is considering coming to a Prerelease, but would rather play alongside someone they know. Do you have a friend who’s on the fence? Bring them and let us know they’re new to Prerelease and we will give them a FREE starter deck in addition to their Prerelease pack when they join the event*.

Saturday at 7pm we’re hosting another Prerelease event. This highly limited event is just like the Midnight Prerelease, but with better hours and more elbow room ;).

Sunday brings you one last chance to get in on the fun with a final, and extremely limited, 2-Headed Giant tournament at 2pm.


*applies to all of our Eldritch Moon Prerelease events.