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Published March 12, 2020

At GeekLife we have always taken cleanliness seriously and disinfecting all surfaces has been a part of our closing routine since we opened. I wanted to let all of our amazing community know that we have increased the frequency and scope of our cleaning, including disinfecting tables between events.

GeekLife has always been about building community. Part of that includes protecting the most vulnerable among us. To that end, while we are not cancelling any events at this time, we are enacting social distancing measures and requiring that players wash their hands before game play (and of course if they use the restroom).

What this means for people using our play space is that we have reduced the number of available chairs to allow for a minimum of 3 feet between players. As a result, the store will currently only accommodate a maximum of 14 players at a time (see below for details about certain games).

•We are also asking anyone who feels sick to wait until they are symptom-free to come and play.
•If you do sneeze or cough, do so into a tissue (and immediately toss it) or into the crook of your elbow.
•Don’t touch your face.
•Wash you hands (we have some fun signs in the bathroom to help you count off 20 seconds).

We are also now happy to provide curbside pick up. We are working to put additional items in our online store for in-store pick up. But if you would prefer, you will also be able to call the store and we will bring your purchase out to you.

Another step we are taking is that we are currently preparing to offer weekday online Youth D&D in the event schools close and parents could use a couple of hours of the younger ones being entertained (while still getting in some socializing and math practice). Stay tuned for details on how to sign up.

And finally, we are all monitoring the situation closely and will follow any and all guidance from local health authorities.

Be well.

The GeekLife Family

Game Specific Details:
•This will potentially affect MtG and Pokemon PreRelease events.
•For MtG, Wizards of the Coast has allowed stores to offer players the option of an “At-Home PreRelease.” So anyone who would like to will be able to pick up their PreRelease kit and take it home without having to participate in an in-store event.
•For role playing games, tables will be limited to a max of six players. This will be a hard and fast rule and seats will only be guaranteed if paid in advance.