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New Year, New Hours

As we reflect on the past year, we are so thankful to have each of you as a part of our amazing, growing community. Turning our thoughts toward the year ahead, we have some exciting events planned out and can’t wait to share them with you. In an effort to better streamline store operations and be best positioned to facilitate our expanding event schedule, we are going to shift our retail hours.

Effective January 6, our regular retail hours will be:
Tuesday – Friday 5pm-9pm
Saturday 10am-6pm
Sunday 12pm-5pm
(retail will be open earlier and later for some events)

Keep an eye out in the next weeks and months as we announce even more special events outside of retail hours.

Magic: The Gathering PreRelease

Registration for Magic: The Gathering Theros: Beyond Death PreRelease is now live.

The first PreRelease event for this set will take place Friday, January 17 at 7:00PM.

To fight the sun god Heliod, the forge god Purphoros created a sword capable of damaging the divine. The two gods battled, disrupting the celestial resting place of an ancient and powerful hydra: Polukranos, World Eater. Enraged, the hydra stormed through the mortal realm of Theros until it was sealed by Heliod and the hunt god Nylea.

The Planeswalker Elspeth arrived in Theros during the climax of Heliod and Purphoros’s battle. She saw Purphoros’ sword flung from his hands, and planeswalked away with it. She returned to Theros fifteen years later and faced an angry Heliod. But the god regained his bearings and realized Elspeth could help him, so he reforged the sword into the spear Godsend. Wielding this weapon, Elspeth was able to defeat the newly awakened Polukranos.

Meanwhlie, the satyr Planeswalker Xenagos had hatched a plan to ascend to godhood. By cultivating belief and devotion among his followers, he was able to transcend mortality and join the other gods in their home of Nyx. Xenagos planned to use his new status for ill, so Elspeth vowed to stop him. She journeyed to Nyx and stabbed Xenagos with Godsend, destroying him once and for all.

Fearful of her power and knowledge of the multiverse, Heliod stabbed Elspeth with her very own weapon, which shattered afterwards. Dying, Elspeth’s soul became trapped in the Underworld of Erebos where it remains . . . for now.

Drop-In Role Playing Games

Dungeons & Dragons and more!

GeekLife takes the hassle out of putting together a role playing game. We provide vetted and experienced GMs that are dedicated to welcoming and engaging all players in a custom-designed gaming space with all materials* supplied.

Each three-hour adventure can stand alone, so it also fits your busy schedule.

A night out for only $10 will fill up quick, so reserve your seat today!

•Come and go as your schedule permits, each week’s adventure is episodic so it will stand alone, but has the ability to accommodate repeat players.
•*All materials are provided on loan, but feel free to bring your own dice, pen/paper/etc.

Reserve Your Seat at the Table Today Online or In-Store